Environmental Health Committee

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As nurses, we are the largest group of healthcare workers in Nevada. It is essential that we recognize and address the environmental hazards (biological, chemical, radiological and physical) that might affect ourselves, our patients, and the community at large.

The specific aims of the NNA Environmental Health Committee are to: 

  1. Educate Nevada’s nurses on ANA’s Principals of Environmental Health.
  2. Inform Nevada’s nurses, in an unbiased manner, on a variety of issues affecting our state as selected from national-level initiatives.
  3. Disseminate knowledge via the NNA’s RNInformation Newsletter. 
  4. Represent NNA on state and national events or initiatives that focus on improving the environment for promotion of health.

Membership on this committee is open to all NNA members. Please contact Committee Chair Bernadette M. Longo (longo@unr.edu) to join!


ANA’s Principles of Environmental Health for Nursing Practice with Implementation Strategies

If you are interested in becoming involved in this committee, please complete the Get Involved form.


Wildfire Smoke Exposure in Northern Nevada