Guide to Contacting Your Legislators

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You can find contact information by going to the Nevada Legislature’s Web site (Link Below). Click on either Assembly or Senate, or click on Contact information.

You will find:

  • Their picture, political party and district they serve
  • Home address
  • Phone numbers for work, Legislative Call Back, home
  • E-mail address
  • Year Term ends

Legislators generally list their home number or a VM. It is perfectly acceptable to call the Legislators at home.


  • Always introduce yourself as a nurse (it establishes you as professional and an expert).
  • Inform the legislator where you work and the area of your practice.
  • If they are your legislator, inform them you are a constituent and live in their district. Describe where you live in their district.
  • Explain why you are calling. Be specific.
    "As a nurse, I am concerned..."
  • If it is a nursing issue, focus on advocacy for quality safe patient care.
  • Try to smile when you are calling; it will reflect in your voice.
  • Keep you message short and to the point – practice.
  • Leave your name and phone number.

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